Assessing Future Electricity Markets (AFEM)


The objective of the “Assessing Future Electricity Markets” (AFEM) project is to identify alternative electricity market designs and evaluate their potential to meet the challenges created by the targets set in the Energy Strategy 2050.
In particular the following research questions are addressed:
1.) How will the Swiss and European electricity market evolve if the existing market mechanism (energy only market, reserve market) were perpetuated as is?
2.) How will the market evolve if additional market components such as capacity markets are introduced?
3.) How do future market models need to be designed in order to give the “right” in- vestment incentive (e.g. flexibility markets) for an efficient and carbon-free electricity supply system?
In order to be able to answer these questions the models to be developed will feature the combination of economic and engineering models.

Further project details can be obtained from the main project webpage at the Energy Science Center (Link)

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