Energy markets around the world are in a phase of transition. Energy and environmental policies and regulation play a major role in this transition process; including renewable support, emission regulations, energy efficiency and demand reduction approaches, and supply security mechanisms.

This topic cluster represents two main directions of the FoNEW team research:

  1. Conceptual research: Aiming on insights on efficiency and incentive structures we conduct policy design assessments based on economic theoretic concepts. A particular focus is on the interaction of different energy policies.
  2. Quantitative assessments: Using numerical modeling selected policy, regulation, and market design approaches are tested for specific markets. This topic stream is strongly interlinked with the FoNEW research on electricity markets.

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Projects and Reports

The following FoNEW projects have a strong focus on policy design:

Furthermore, the SCCER CREST White Papers usually focus on current Swiss policy debates. They provide short summaries of scientific studies for stakeholders and decision makers.