The electricity markets in Switzerland, Europe, the USA and many other countries are in a phase of transition: the regulated fossil-nuclear structure of the 20th century is to be replaced by a market driven pre-dominantly renewable structure. With this transition multiple challenges and open questions emerged requiring profound research.

Within this topic cluster, the FoNEW team is active in several related topics, in particular on the impacts of an increasing share of intermittent renewable energies. A central element of the conducted research are quantitative scenario assessments based on numerical market models. In addition, conceptual and small scale models are used for qualitative market design and policy assessments.

Working Paper

Journal Paper

Datasets and Models

Price Scenarios up to 2030 used in
Schillinger, M., Weigt, H., Barry, M., & Schumann, R. (2017) "Hydropower Operation in a Changing Market Environment - A Swiss Case Study"
are available as Excel (Link)

Price Scenarios up to 2050 used in
Schlecht, I., & Weigt, H. (2015) "Linking Europe: the role of the Swiss electricity transmission grid until 2050"
are available as Excel (to be added)

Further information on more general market modeling and available data is provided here

Projects and Reports

The FoNEW team was and is involved in a number of projects directly adressing electricity markets:

Furthermore, many other projects address general topics with links to electricity market aspects. A full project overview is provided here