The Future Swiss Electricity Market: Evolution or Revolution?


The future Swiss electricity system needs to support the development to carbon-neutrality while providing secure and affordable electricity. The required coordination could be best achieved by a well-designed market. This project aims to address this challenge by developing a structure for market design evaluations and apply it to two distinguished pathways: an evolutionary one, i.e. adjustments of the existing electricity market framework, and a revolutionary one, based on a significant reconfiguration of the current design. Building upon a problem mapping and structuring, a schematic Swiss electricity system model will be developed to compare the evolutionary and revolutionary design options with regard to their efficiency and viability to cope with the expected challenges for the Swiss electricity system. We will provide insights how and to what extent a sequence of small adjustments or a major overhaul of the elec-tricity market design could be used to derive the future Swiss electricity system.


Project Report

Once the final report is finished it will be published here.

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